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purple cabbage, also known as red cabbage, red cabbage, are a type of cabbage, outer leaves because of it and leaves the ball were all purple, named. Purple cabbage, also known as purple cabbage, purple leaves, leaves the ball near circular. Nutrient-rich, especially rich in vitamin C, V and more vitamin E and B group. Parts per 100 grams protein 1.4 grams fat 0.1 grams, 3.3 grams sugar, 57 mg calcium, phosphorus 42 mg, iron 0.7 mg

The Purple Cabbage
Brassica oleacea var. capitata
Purple (or red) cabbages resemble the plain old cabbage, being hard, tightly packed and crisp biennial herbs. Purple cabbages however possess beautiful dark red or crimson leaves instead of the green or white ones of most other cabbage varieties.