Sell putty

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1. Usage: filling up crevices, knots, abrasion and openings of plywood and other woodwork.

2. Performance: drying quickly with a fine and smooth surface; having a small contractibility rate; convenient to handle; easy to sand , polish, glue and paint.

3. Using method: scrape putty with putty knife, implant putty into the crevices or openings of plywood or other woodwork, slightly scrape to make the surface smooth and even, sand it till it dries and before available for further processing.

4. Warning: keep it away from fire and direct illumination , store it in a well  ventilated place, diluent(banana oil) can be used to thin putty, but alcohol and gasoline is prohibited.

5. Up till now we have 6 colors: yellow1&2, red 1&2, specil 1&2. Other colors are available at buyers' request.