Sell pvc coated fabric

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1) The intensity is high, the elasticity is good in integrity
2) The nature is light, waterproof being flame-resistant, security material
3) Mildew proof resist bacteria, outdoors compatible
4) Heat-resisting and resists the cold high
5) The outward appearance is gorgeous, may spurt draws the advertisement
6) The fine heat insulation, resists the cold, the heat preservation, the sound-insulated performance
7) The anti-core attracts, from the clean antifouling property strong
8) Splicing is easy, splicing is reliable
9) Most greatly seamless gate 3. 5m
10) The surface has the extinction, half extinction, the high bright and so on the special pattern
11) The surface may carry on skid resistant, UV, PVDF and the light catalyst and the special handling