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Extrusion mould is the core technology in extrusion system, every classic part shall be manufactured as an artist to ensure its precision. The technical details of the Gaoxin extrusion moulds is below:

Gaoxin cooling tank with templates:
. Standard length 2000 mm
. Water circulation in tank limited to just 2 cbm/hour
. Elevated water exit for easy visual control
. Quick-locking device
. Tanks are re-usable
. Intellegent template moving slots for quick setting and modification of convexity

Gaoxin extrusion die head
. Die design is based on flow simulations on our computer, theoretical flow analysis
and experience. That leads to excellent flow characteristics
. Rectangular design , with 6-7 die plates
. Classic integrated mandrel design
. Standardized lean design in 2 standard dimensions for optimum material flow
. Die heating by meaning of a standardized heater sleeve for rapid die change-over
. Conical positioning pins enable quick and easy assembly and dismantling
. High precision positioning pin design guarantees accurate plate assembly
. Single-strand, double-strand and multi-strand

Gaoxin dry calibrators
. The dry calibrator unit consist of 2 up to 4 blocks in horizontal split-line
design. Gap between dry calibrator blocks sealed off by means of rubber sealing
gaskets and set under vacuum
. Design based on shrinkage, material formulations and profile design
. State of the art manufacturing process ensures, that highest quality is achived
. Strict quality control ensures entrance and exit dimensions are within tolerance
. Vacuum connections and high efficient cooling
. Quick change system is available
. Operator friendly design makes start-up and cleaning fast and easy
. Top, bottom, and side rails centred to one another by means of getlocks
. Longitudinal drill holes for cooling , arranged around the profile contour in
systemic order with defined minimum distances to the contour itself
. Special cooling for critical and heat-sensitive profile sections , with separate
water exit for easy through-flow control
. Lateral vacuum slots for sizing , fed by drill holes from top and bottom
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