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1 The advantages of FUNME plastic roof tiles
FUNME plastic roof tiles are made form pvc. It provides excellent weathering characteristics, high tensile strength and long-term flexibility, It also exhibits excellent resistance to harsh chemicals and industrial pollutants.
FUNME pvc roof tiles can be produced a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, such that they can be easily adapted to almost any style of roofing or architecture. you can choose many color such as Orange, sea-blue, iron red, purplish red and so on.
2 The way FUNME pvc roof tiles work
FUNME upvc roof tiles are Large area, lightweight, Super self-cleaning function, made for easy installation and wide application. With the use of nails, typically in parallel rows, in a manner that has them overlapping to keep rainwater out and cover the nails. FUNME PVC Roofing System can last 50 years, FUNME pvc roof tiles are slowly being recognized as the best roofing materials available, enjoy long years of aesthetically appealing and high efficient roofing tiles.

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