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We take pleasure to introduce us as one of the largest vinyl three-dimensional laminates films factory in Guangdong, China. With about 2, 000 workers and about more than 100 technical professors make our factory as one of the leading vinyl films producer in China. Our factories are IS0 9000 certified.

We produce three-dimensional laminates (also called "rigid thermofoils" or RTFs) in a wide range of whites, solid colors, woodgrain patterns, marble patterns, metallics and abstract patterns for flat and three-dimensional surfacing of components for commercial furniture, residential furniture, store fixtures, kitchen cabinets, closet systems, kiosks and other fabricated products. These films can be flat-laminated, post-formed, membrane-pressed, miter-folded, and profile-wrapped to seamlessly surface components of widely varying shapes and sizes from flat/square panels to routed three-dimensional parts to linear mill work and plastic extrusions.

Membrane pressing, miter folding, flat laminating, post forming and profile wrapping with vinyl film can encapsulate all flat and three-dimensional surfaces of kitchen cabinets, closet systems and residential furniture-including flat panels, raised panels, deep recesses, compound curves, intricate profiles, sharp edges and flat expanses-dramatically improving the form and function of finished products several ways.

First, because our film conforms to virtually any flat or three-dimensional shape routed into wood-core components, your designs are no longer dictated by the limitations of two-dimensional surfacing materials.

Second, and most importantly, all visible surfaces of components that are membrane pressed, miter folded or profile wrapped with film are seamless, so they can resemble components machined from solid wood, granite, marble, and "solid surfacing" more convincingly than can melamine board, high-pressure laminate or wood veneer, all of which require telltale seams, none of which can achieve compound curves.