Sell quality fasteners

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We can supply various kinds of fasteners.
From small to big, from standard to non-standard ones. We list in more detail as following:

1. Bolt&screw: hex/heavy hex/structural/round head square neck/carriage/flange/thumb/square/flat/welded bolt&screw etc. ,
2. Socket head bolt&screews: non head socket set screw, hex socket round head/hex socket flat head bolt&screw, hex wrench etc. ,
3. Nut: Hex/heavy hex/structral/Jam/thumb/square/slotted/welded/metal lock/nylon insert lock nut etc. ,
4. Metal Screw: self tapping screw, self drilling screw, machine screw, chipboard screw, drywall screw, combined screws, sheet metal screw, dowel screw etc. ,
5. Anchors made by metal or plastic
6. Washer: flat washer, spring washers, tooth washers, hardened washer etc. ,
7. Bars & U bols, J bolts, eye bolt, threaded rod, double head stud bolts etc. ,
8. Nonstandard fasteners: we can produce nonstandard fasteners as well as standard ones. OEM and DEM products are welcome.

Raw material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, steel sheet, PVC, PE, NYLON or others required by our clients.