Sell quartz glass

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Standard clear quartz glass tube is produced by specialized high purity sand and automatic controlled fusing furnace. It has the characteristics of high purity, strong heat resistance, high transmission and accurate dimension etc. The stable supply of quartz tube with the OH content of 5-20ppm after baking is available. We can also supply the quartz tube with the OH content of 20-50ppm after baking and without baking. Besidea It is capable to stop nearly all the radiation of UV-B and UV-C, especially in the big proportion from UV-A with maximum visible lights. The Ce-doped quartz tube can serve as the material of halogen lamps, high density discharge lamps and other UV lights. Thus it can effectively prevent the harm to the skin of people and objects that have to be under the explosion of UV radiation and set out the maximum visible light at the same time.
Without that The ozone free quartz tube which is doped with Ti can prevent radiation of high density UV rays without ozone. It is mainly used for ozone-free germicidal lamp and others.
Our product characteristics:
Spectrum transmission at 185na is 0 and no ozone. UV transmission at 254nm is more than 90%.
The last but not lease, With the professional technology and advanced machines, we are supplying qualified quartz plate. We are supplying round, square plate and other shapes. We can also produce large diameter quartz rod, quartz diamond and some other shapes.

With the adoption of distinctive technique, our opaque quartz glass tube has its typical characteristics of good visual aspects and stable physical &chemical properties. It serves as material of infrared heating for heaters, micro-wave oven, electrical baking oven, car paint baking, sterilization container and other consumptive and industrial infrared application. Further processing of trim cutting, bowing, fire-polishing can be done according to the demanding of the customers