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Milky white quartz tube we produce can absorb the infrared spectrums under 4u wave lengthens. Make the tube heat and increase heat energy radiation, In 5--13u far infrared wave band emissivities reaches more than 90%, material needing heat to dry (it is generally at 3--25u areas, it has strong absorption) offer most effective alternative absorption to heat material component, This performance is better than other infrared material's. The high quality milky white quartz tube is made in high purity quartz sand, produced with steady size, has a lot of outstanding parameter.
Main use
*The far infrared toast
*The application of high temperature electric thermocouple
*The calefaction of high temperature electric stove
*Torrefaction / calefaction in industries. Such as Room heater, cupboard of disinfection, the microwave oven, electric oven, etc.
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