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"Yi Xing" no cigarette, looking like a real cigarette in appearance, is made out of more than 40 herbs with aroma smell. It is based on the theory of odour therapy from Traditional Chinese Medicines. Without lighting it, the user shall "smoke "it and inhale so that the drug odour travels through the trachea and lungs where it is absorbed, which makes nicotine start to release and excrete from the body, resulting in the fact that the blood sugar will be brought back to normal level and the acetic-alkali equilibrium in the body will be achieved; and the addiction to nicotine is thus rooted up and cigarette smoking is quitted easily and light-hearted, but without any withdrawal symptoms.

"Kangxin" Healthy Sucked Food is a substitute for cigarette. no nicotine, drugs , stimulants and harmful ingredients. It is a healthcare product, which is based on the theory of the odour therapy and the smoke therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and made of 40 different kinds of Chinese herbal medicines through careful choosing and scientific processing. It is similar to the traditional cigarette in shape, colour and odour. Please light it then puff at it and inhale the smoke of the Kangxin Healthy sucked Food in a usual way. When the smokers are drawing the Kangxin Healthy sucked Food, the herbal medicines in it will volatilize quickly with the warm smoke, and then the essence of the herbal medicines will be absorbed into the smokers lungs. It feels good both in taste and smell.