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QM3100, MP3 with Quran player

1. Built-in complete holy Quran recitation voice by 5 famous readers.
2. The built-in Quran data can never be deleted.
3. 1 G built-in memory flash
4. Recording and repeating functions
5. Can be used as USB driver.
6. Can choose each Surah to listen to.
7. High quality voice
8. Accessories: earphone, charger, USB cable, user's manual
9. Can choose readers below: Muhammad Ayub, Menshwy, Shuraim, Tiblawi, Abudulbasit, Ibrahim Akhdar, Sudais, Muhammad Jibreel, Hudhaify, Thubaity, Ahudullah Basfar, Ahamab Ajmiy, Abudullah Juhany, Ali Jabir, Husary/Salah Aibadeer