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Low-Temperature Thermoplastic splinting materials has many advantages: softening at low temperature, reshaping easily and returning to original shape when reheated. It is extensively used in orthopaedics splints, rehabilitation braces, sports medicine, and so on.
No.1. Softening: It is became extremely soften at 600~700, freely molding to any shape with stretch properly and operation easily.
No.2. High intensity: It offers several times intensity than plaster bandage when fracture immobilization and have high toughness never crack.
No.3. Light weight: It is good for recovery of limb function because of its lightweight of 1/4-1/8 of plaster and improving qualityof life at rehabilitation periods because its thinness that is only 1.6-4.0mm. Patients can wear clothes warmly same as normal person in winter .
No.4. Water-proof: It is easy to clear that patient can bath on anytime(water temperature below 470) in summer.
No.5. Good memory capacity: It can be repeatedly molding or modified many times as you like when not satisfied with first molded , you may adjust it and decrease cost in usage repeatedly.
No.6. X-ray permeation: 100% transmission rate of X rays and any kind of other radials. Easy to observe reduction and healing condition of fracture precisely.
No.7. Easy to adhesive: It can be self-adhesive when transparent or be welded with heat gun. Easy to mold any shape on any parts of body.
No.8. Soften and harden indication: It provides operator clean directions that it can be operated freely when extremely transparent and return original hard when it become white again.
No.9. Special coated: Prevent irritation of skin. and little toxin that can be use in external immobilization of wound part.
No.10. Well-ventilated: There have 1% , 2%, 5%, 12% perforated can be chose according to conditions in details and overcome some disadvantages of plaster that result in red, edema and tickle of skin without ventilated.
No.11. In plenty of clinical test: Side- effect and failure have not been reported even through application more than ten years and millions of cases in the whole world.
No.12. Easy to operation: Easy to cut out, fix and remove without bandage, plaster sew or scissors etc.
No.13. Self-decomposability: It can be decompose to mild offspring extremely by itself after left in nature and bacteria eight months. It does not need special management and pollute environment.
No.14. Easy to stock: It is easy to stock below 500 temperature without water-proof or other special process.
No.15. Application widely: It is suitable for serial static fixation such as thumb and finger , wrist, elbow, shoulder , upper extremity , nose bridge, foot, ankle, knee, lower extremity , head, neck , rib , spine , pelvis and immobilization or semi-immobilization splints of arthritis, burns with fracture , open fracture .
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