Sell radiator

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Product Description:
Towel radiators that are manufactured for the purpose of heating and towel drying in bathrooms and kitchens, are prividing homogenous place and offering attractive design with perfect esthetic. Towel radiators are designed with ideal dimensions of 3 different with and 5 different height to meet your needs. According to demands, towel radiators can be designed on wiling dimensions. There are aluminium and steel choices available. The radiators are produced due to 70 and 90 c working capacity and tested under 9 atu pressure to ensure safety. Highly resistant against corrosion, chemical effects and blow.

Product Description:
Radiators are manufactured as standard with the heights of 400,500,600,800,1000,1200 and with intervals 100 mm each, between 500 and 1800 mm. Segment widths ; front side is 74 mm. And back side is 69 mm. It is possible that manufacture of the different dimensions on demand.
Our radiators colour standard is ral 9010( white ) and any order out of this standard can be given. There are many colour alternatives depend on demand and convenient for any residence. It's painted with modern electrostatic paint which is the product of last technology.
System is started to operate in a short time by its structure that has minimum water volume. It is resistant againgst the corrosion. Its performance is perfect.

Product Description : Thermal Solar Collector