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Features Specifications:
There is no further need to debate the virtues of monopolar versus bipolar technology for minor surgery. The Greenland RSF-4000K affords surgeons the ability to utilize both monopolar and bipolar modalities at, the frequency scientifically and clinically proven to produce the least a
Main Specifications:
RSF-4000K (220 240 volts)
Mode - Cut, Cut & Coag, Coag, Fulguration, Bipolar
Output Voltage - Variable from 500 to 600 1 20%
Output Power - 0~100w
Output Frequency - Monopolar mode - 4.00MHz.
Bipolar mode - 1.71 MHz.
Mode & Output Waveform -
Cut (Fully Filtered)
Cut & Coag (Fully Rectified)
Coag (Partially Rectified)
Fulguration (Spark-Gap)

RFS-4000K Application Area:
Oral / Maxillofacial Surgery

This technology goes beyond the laser and beyond bipolar in terms of tissue preservation and safety, all at a very affordable price.
mount of lateral heat and tissue alteration.