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Ratchet tie down strap plays a role in fixed function when it is used in freight, remove, shipment or storage, it has such performance as fastening. Safety, lightness, convenienceand easiness to operate, and protection of bodies from damage.
It can be fit for all manners of environment as different hooks.

Material: Polyester, polyamide and polypropylene
Standard: EN 12195-2:2001
Length: as customers requirement
Breaking index: 800kg-10000kg
Safety factor: 2:1
Temperature range for storage and usage of PES and PA RTD : -40 0-100 0, of PP RTD: -40 0-800
Type rests with width, length, breaking strength and hook
Type code
Remark: SY- on behalf of our company, RTD ratchet tie down strap, 25 strap width of 25mm, 040 lashing capacity of 400kg.
The hardware fixings of ratchet tie down strap product have gone through heat-handling and been tested in specialization. The simple operation mode can ensure safety in use.
The ratchet tie down strap made from tensile polyester filament is lower in the property of absorbing Water. It is stronger to be adapted to nature environment and appropriated to use for many kinds of articles in the course of transportation as one specializing tool.
There is black stripe on ratchet tie down which implies breaking strength, as per our customers requirement our company decides whether to weave black stripe or not and how many stripes are woven on the ratchet tie down
Strap .
Sun-king ratchet tie down straps are applied to logistic enterprises, military transportation and train.
Transportation. They are fit to fastening, binding, loosening prevention for all kinds of bodies.
Our company can supply the ratchet tie down strapes with popular colors such as green, yellow, blue, orange and so on.