Sell rayon grey and rayon yarn

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We deal with the production, import & export & domestic trading of viscose fibre, yarn and fabric of 100% rayon. We buys raw material of viscose, spins to yarn and weave to the fabric and sells to the buyers all over the world.
The competitive advantage comes from two manufacturing bases and the complete deepening into the whole industry chain from raw material to the fabric. Thus it can lower the cost to the maximum and meet with various customized demand. Also Datongs employees have at least 10 years of textile business experience, so they can know what the buyer think and want and provide the most professional service to the buyers.
The main items we are dealing with and our capacity is:
Rayon yarn 20/1, 24/1, 30/1, 32/1, 40/1 600 tons/month
Rayon grey 30x30 68x68 63 6x20/month
Rayon grey 30x30 68x68 50 4x20/month
Rayon grey 30x30 68x68 63/67 rapier quality 1x20/month