Sell real urea sales

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(direct to refiner issuance)

Date of Issue: 13, July .2006
FCO Number: 124139-EB

CO. , LTD(LEGAL AUTHORIZED) directly to the RUSSIAN refinery)

REMINDER : we are not broker , we only sales for real buyer and will not interested to get paper games, if you really need this real business, firstly something you need to prove us the executive performance ability to buy this real urea. We do connections with Russian ministry Agri. For sector is only our direction connections for this possibility to get this real urea, we will arrangement on meeting in Russian to get there for serious contract to signet and for everything proposition here for solution.

We offering ourselves price and quantity, if you are real buyer will get this surprising on such private price for yappy, dont talking in virtual price because they are nice but not real and will not acceptance by us for any genuine considerations.

The Buyer :

Product Name and Specification:

QUALITY Nitrogen 46.0 % by weight min
Moisture 0.5 % max fisher method 0.3 % max method of drying friability 100
Biuret 1 % max by weight
Anti-caking agent 0.5 % max
Free ammonia 160 pxt, ppm max
Prill 95 % max
Granulation Dimension from 1-4mm- 94% min, dimension less than 1 mm - absence
Melting point 132 degree C*
Colour Pure white prilled
Radiation Certified non-radioactive, 100 % free flowing, free from harmful substances

Packing : bulk or package in 50,25kg

Origin: Russia, and Sofia

Loading Port: sellers opinion

Total Quantity: 300.000mt

Product Price and Incoterms: $210 CIF intercom 2000

This offer is valid for (5) banking days from date posted above. Prices subject to Change without prior notice.

PAYMENT By irrevocable, confirmed, transferable , monthly revolving fully funded documentary letter of credits(FFDLC) for each months shipment value by a prime bank and payable 100% on sight against presentations of against shipping documents
PB 2 % Performance Bond Of The Contract, Issued By Sellers Bank
PROCEDURE 1. initial communications by buyer for something detailed information introductions to leads of confirmation the price and quantity and terms and conditions.
2. real buyer is willing invited to the Russian for supplier is willing showing everything upfront to buyers such proof of sellers capability of selling trends.
3. contract signet by exchanged hard copy by DHL for mutual agreeable the delivery schedule.
4. shipment ready.

Schedule of delivery Shipment no. : month agreed unloading ranges quantity in MT
1. AUG 100,000
2. SEP 50,000
3. OCT 50,000
4. NOV. 50,000
5. DEC. 50,000