Sell rechargeable Ni-MH (Cylindrical & Prismatic) batterery cells

rechargeable Ni-MH (Cylindrical & Prismatic) batterery cells You May Also Be Interested In: 1 2a prismatic battery prismatic cell prismatic cells
Cell(Cylindrical & Prismatic) & battery packs,

1. Ni-MH cell:
Cylindrical cell
1) size:AAAA,2/3AAA,5/4AAA,7/5AAA,4/5AA,
AA,7/5AA ,1/2A,4/5A, A,7/5A,4/5SC,
SC,5/4SC, C, D,
2) voltage:1.2v
nominal capacity:360mAh-8000mAh
Prismatic Cell(1.2V) :
Dimensions(+0/-0.7mm) weight(g)
14.5X7.4X48.2 600mAh 17
14.5X7.4X48.2 650mAh 18
17.0X6.1X68.0 1200mAh 24
17.0X6.1X48.0 800mAh 18
17.0X6.1X35.0 500mAh 11
17.0X6.1X32.0 600mAh 13

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one year