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Usage Instruction.
A. . . Push the plug out when charging and insert if directiy into AC110V, 220Vsocket. And the charging indicator lighting. Full charging time needs 12 hours.
B. While using, turn the switch to diection ON while stopping lighting, turn the switch to direct
C. The lamp can be lighted continuously more than 25 hour. (the lamp can be used more than 100000 hours) .
D. Choose suifble voltage switch according to the using voltage of it. It's easy for you to plug the wire hedd of the power to DC socket of the receiver, nothing positive or negative pole
E. For radio receiver, the using time could last more than 12 hours. (when using with other multi-function source wires. )
A. When the light is dim, please charge it immediately. (please keep charging once every two months. ) Otherwise it will affect the life seriousiy. )
B. Don't use it when charging, otherwise it would burn the electric stuff and elements.
C. The most charge time should be less than 15 hours.