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9GB-1.4/1.6/1.8/1.9/2.1 Rear-fixed mounted reciprocating-type Mower matched with four-wheel tractor range from 12~22 HP. The machine uses biased crank connected bar structure to drive blades to work. It is suitable to be used to reap natural forage grass and plant herbage, alfalfa, reed, grass feed etc. in level grass land for agricultural, forest and pasturing area, and in different condition grass land in the sloping field and hills area. It uses the tractors power output shaft to promote the mowers movement of blade, used the three-points suspension structure to make the machine rise and fall, operate the power output structure (Operate the Clutch of tractor) to realize the moving and stopping of blades, lifting mechanism is divided into two models of cylinder and lifting frame.

The machine is divided into Left-side power output and Rear power output according to matched power output model, and matched with Left-side power output and rear-side power output of tractor separately. The machine is operated by the single person, which is the driver of tractor, the machine is of good power-driven performance, as the machine meets obstacle, and blade can be lifted by operating the hydraulic equipment of tractor. The machine has the features like simple structure, operate easily, strength in cutting, lower and trim cutting stubble, reliable operation and so on.

The cropper and rake have acquired utility model and layout-design two patents that are approved by national patent bureau respectively
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