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SAMING PCGuard is an intelligent security protetion product in the form of PCI adaper for computer data ever developed. the card provides the complete protect functions of dynamic save and instandt recovery for the data in hard disk and CMOS at the same time. For all kinds of computer viruses, hackers or intended destructions to the data in hard disk, SAMING PCGuard can recover the data without demolishment in a few seconds, and it won't occupy any space of you hard disk or influence the system. it not only can support windows but also support Linux. and the HD shield have the same function as PCGuard but it can be used on notebook as well as.

SAMING NetGuard = NIC + SAMING PCGuard +NetClone +NetManager.

SAMING PCGuard and SAMING NetGuard have passed the test of compatibility between electricity and magnet, and got the CE certificat.