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Fast Clone Speed
OS-easy Card-add breaks through the clone number from 1 to 512 PCs, and the speed has reached up from 420M/minute to 546M/minute.

Multi OS
You can install win2000/2003/XP/Linux/Vista in one computer, the Multi Operating System number reaches to 15, which makes one PC classroom has multiple environments.

IP Inserting and IP Fixing
When you modify multi Operating Systems' IP address, some computers may not be able to login for malfunction. You can reserve IP to them, which confirm the IP sequence not in disorder. After Net Clone finished, the IP address dont need to modify if you use the IP Fixing function.

Enter Supervise Mode (Open Mode) at random
It doesnt affect the net Clone function when the Master PC and the Client PC enter to the Supervise Mode (Open Mode) or execute manually writing in.

Dynamic show the malfunction PC
During net clone, you can view all the Client PCs' status, and show the lowest ones in the control screen, and you can take actions to them by exactly finding the malfunctions PC.

Buffer Auto Enlarge Technology
You can use the surplus disk space as the dynamic buffer when the static buffer is use up, this totally avoid Blue Screen problem for data overflowing.

Network auto delay
OS-easy Card-Smart can intelligently adjust the clone by the different network environment, which makes net clone in a excellent status, lose packet, lose connection will never happen.

Master control function
You can stop the client PCs surfing, lock the screen and so on by the Master Control Function.