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Recycling granule machine CGM 90-65, CGM 90-50 are intended for processing waste products of secondary polymers, namely waste products of polythene of high and low pressure, (LDPE, HDPE) with the purpose of use received secondary pellets in the industrial purposes.
The principle of work, as well as the machine in circulation - is simple. Waste products of secondary polymers (it is possible without crushing) are putting to the bunker of a feed treasure and in screw under action of high temperatures waste products melts and passed through the filter are squeezed out through head as a "macaroni". Further pass through cutting and then with the help of absorbing fans are transferred in the first bunker of air cooling and then to the second silo. Advantage of air cooling system comparing to water cooling system consists in that that in air cooling system pellets keep their quality as an original. Granule recycling machines have also gas absorbing system to promote processing of all collored waste products.
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Vagif Habibov

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recycling machine
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20 Machines per month
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blue, green
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