Sell red clover extract

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[English name]#:Red Clover
[Latin name]#: Trifolium pratense L.
[Parts of plant used] : part overgroud with flowe
[Analyse of product]:
Contont of isoflavoids: less than 2.5%, 8%, 20%, 40%, 50%.
Solubility : Dissolve in Ethanol and slightly soluble in water.
Appearance : Fine powder
Color : Nut-brown green to dark green
Odor /taste : light bitter
Particle Size: 60-80 mesh
Loss on drying: NMT 5.0%
Heavy Metal: NMT 20ppm
Microorganism: Total plate counts:NMT 1000/g
Molds and Yeasts: NMT 100/g
Package/Storage: Cool, dry area, well closed container
Shelf Life: 24 months unopened