Sell reed harvester(4GL-180)

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Reed/Jute harvesting is a tough work for farmer. If harvesting them by hand, it will need huge man power but the working efficiency is very slow. Using our Reed/Jute harvester can greatly reduced harvesting time and make sure all the Reed/Jute can be harvested on time when they are mature.
Our reed/jute harvester solved the problems above.

It has the following innovation:
1 Wheel type, crawler walking, self-propelled
2 One worker operate and do not need auxiliary person
3 Have weed removing function
4 Pile the reed/jute as the moving direction
5 No need to clear the way in advance
6 Originate in China
7 High working efficiency. If harvest by hand, one worker can harvest 667 m2/h as max. But if use our reed/jute harvester, it can harvest above 7000 m2/h. It save the cost for harvesting, reducing the harvesting time and harvest reed/jute on time when they are mature.

The technical paraments for the reed harvester is as follows:
cutting width1800mm
cutting height<50mm
working efficiency5340-8000m2/h
power diesel engine 50HP
net weight 2000KG
stack way pile as the moving direction

Remark: 1, Crawler walking, Hydraulic drive
2, One worker operate and do not need auxiliary person
3, Have weed removing function
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