Sell reflective road stud, pavement marker

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K-Lite road stud, raised pavement markers, retroreflective plastic, lane divider, cat eye road stud, reflective road marker, road side reflector.
Size: 100*100*18mm
Fix manner: pasted to the linear road surface with special glue, solidified within 12-24 hours under normal temperature.
Advantage: highest reflect intensity among all kinds of road stud. White
Reflector could come to 600mcd/lux. Assort to the tendency of
tar recycle, could be cleared in flat; with special designed groove, easy to be oriented and installed, highest installation veracity.
The series of 100*100*18mm meets or exceeds the standard of ASTM and Taiwan highway bureau. This series could arrange colors in pairs and adjust the packing according to the demand of clients. Single or double side reflection, easy to install, sure to the safety, beautify the environment.
Installed place: 20 meters one piece on speedway, 10 meters one piece on common road, placed on road line, white color crust one on white line and yellow on yellow line.