Sell refractories for Blast Furnace

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With the increasing of the size of blast furnace and the adoption of intensified steel making processes such as high pressure roof, high blast temperature and integrated blowing process, the campaign life of large or medium-sized furnaces have encountered great challenges, which have greatly affected the safe production and the furnace life. Our partner factory has developed many kinds of products such as ceramic cup series products, micropore corundum brick, corundum mullite brick, compound brown corundum brick, mould pressed picropore carbon brick, sintered micropore alumina carbon brick etc. and the matching mortar as well as other monolithic refractories. We can provide designing and construction service for blast furnace and hot blast stove, and manufacture complete lines of refractories for BF and HBS. Meanwhile, our designers are specialized in collapsible design of bricks and integrated preassembling of the bricks for BF parts including tuyere, taphole, slag notch, hearth and bottom etc on the adjustable platform with 20m*20m size.

1. Carbon blocks
2. Ceramic cup bodybricks
3. Sintered micropore Al2O3-C brick
4. Micropore corundum bricks
5. Compound brown corundum bricks
6. Corundum mullite bricks
7. High alumina bricks for BF
8. Fireclay bricks for BF
9. Alumuna-Carbon Bricks
10. Phosphoric acid dipped high-alumina bricks and fireclay bricks for BF
11. Castables
12. Ramming mixes
13. Mortars