Sell refrigerant gas, Ammonium Polyphosphate(APP) , Pigment,

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Refrigerant gas is mainly used as refrigerant for cooling showcase, refrigeranting machines, low temperature refrigerators, cooling machines, ice cream machines and low temperature compressors.
Flame Retardant: Jinlier International study and develop the utilizing of natural brucite to produce ultra thin magnesium hydroxide powder and a serial of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant. Natural brucite after artificial choose and coarse crushing fine crushing, then adopt self-developed dry pelletization ball mill to make average magnesium hydroxide powder body under 3um. The purity of magnesium hydroxide is above 94%, and it doesnt have nontoxic composition. After processing of surface activity, it has fine dispersiveness and mobility in resin; also it can maintain the materials mechanical intensity and flame retardant function, at the same time it solved the problem of poor acid-resistant. This product can really help you to make the polymeric materials no halogen environment-friendly burned, nontoxic and smoke eliminating, which is beneficial to environment protection.