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1. Low dew-point design: 20( -230possible under atmospheric pressure) .

2. High efficient plate-fin heat-exchanger (an ERIDAE proprietary technology) : to improve both the heat-exchange efficiency and the product operation reliability, and to elongate the equipment service life.

3. R407C environment-friendly refrigerator: to help products meet the most strict environment protection standards.

4. Refrigerant flow rate-controlling valve: to guarantee controlling precision, system operation smoothness and reliability under a loading condition of 0 to 100%.

5. Heat-exchange between inlet/outlet airs: to achieve energy saving of over 30%, to avoid dewdrops at the refrigeration dryer outlet pipeline, and to reduce consumption due to malfunction and operational expenditure.

6. Sensor controlling technology complete with the microcomputer application: to ensure smooth equipment operation all the year without interruption while to maintain a stable dew point, and to improve the reliability and service life of the refrigeration compressor.

7. Intelligent controlling system (an ERIDAE proprietary technology) : to keep all system components and parameters at an optimal level.
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