Sell refrigerating machines control unit MSK-301

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MSK-301 is designed to control freezers, refrigerating counters, monoblocs and other refrigerating shop and industrial equipment.
MSK-301 allows to monitor freezer and evaporator temperature and also, depending on a specified mode of operation, to monitor the second evaporator temperature or fan air stream temperature. The device permits to start automatic defrost at temperature difference between refrigerating chamber and fan air stream.
MSK-301 can perform protective compressor cut-out if PTC- or NTC-type temperature sensor of compressor is connected to MSK-301.
MSK-301 provides safety compressor and fan stop under abnormal supply line parameters (its performed monitoring of RMS phase voltage and line voltage, phase imbalance, correct phase sequence and power contacts state of external magnetic starter before and after compressor cit-int) and also performs a consequent automatic reset when voltage parameters regenerated with time delay set by user.
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