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Generally speaking, the line introduces linear confirguation with non-freon design and the hardening position as six-position. The line is composed with six units of cabinet-foaming fixture, a set of injecting manipulator, a set of both-way carrying car for loading & unloading cabinet, a set of water-heating system, a set of safety exhausting system, a set of safety system, a set of safety fencing together with electronic controlled system for the line. (Note: the safety fencing is built by buyer with the drawing and technical requirement giving by seller, all the equipments doesnt include molds)
This foaming line is designed only for refrigerator not for freezer. Because of the freezer inner is aluminium plate, and that refrigerator inner is ABS. The foaming mold of freezer is expand mold, and that the foaming mold of refrigerator is fixed mold. The expanding mold and jig outside should be make for freezer foaming in addition.
The line comprises several processes including loading, transporting, clumping, injecting, hardening, cabinet-unloading with characteristics of beautiful appearance, high production efficiency, low labour intensity and etc. .
The main technical performance parameters
1, LWBWH: External dimensions of the line 15000W18000W4000 (for reference)
2, LWBWH: Specification of the cabinet 800W800W1800(MAX size of refrigerator)
3, Foaming agent POL+ISO type
4, Harden time adjustable
5, Mold temperature 30--600 temperature adjustable
6, Injecting pattern: side of single-gun (opposite of the cabinet loading) horizontal injection
7, Working position 6
8, Index of production 60S(based on 5 min of the harden time)
9, Power supply 380V, 50Hz, voltage: 24V of Control component outside the cabinet
10, Power capacity 120KW (for reference)
Brand Name
Available Colors
blue or white
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
150 DAYS
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