Sell refrigeration cabinet side U-shape shell, Left and right shells roller forming line

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This line, which is mainly used to manufacture U-shape shells, generally consists of loading machine, punching machine,1800 overturning machine, rolling machine, Z-L shape bending machine, U-shape bending machine, conveying line, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, electric control system and etc.
1, outer dimensions of the line: LWWWH = 35000W3000W1800mm
2, working height of the line: 900mm (above the floor)
3, dimensions of the applied sheets: length: 1400~4200mm
width: 500~650mm
thickness: 0.5~0.6mm
4, applied sheets: cold-rolled steel sheet or coated steel sheet or PCM sheet
5, dimensions of the finished products: U-shape shell:
height: 500~1800mm
width: 450~700mm
depth: 450~600mm
6, time of production cycling: 30s
This line can be designed and made in accordance with customers speciaI requirements of processes
This roller-forming line consists of following parts: Automatic loading machine, Notching machine , Turnover machine, Roller forming machine, Z-L shape bending machine, U shape bending machine, Pneumatic system , Hydraulic system and Electric control system and etc.
Main technical parameters:
1. Outline dimension of forming line (reference) : about 30000*3500*1500
2. Height for workpiece: 900mm from ground
3. Stations: 5
4. Flat sheet (before forming) length: 2500~4250
5. Width of product: 560~780
6. Machine cycle time: around 35s/piece
7. Applied raw material: cold-rolled plate
8. Sheet thickness: 0.4-0.6mm
9. Power supply: about 30kVA(380v 50HZ)
10. Air supply: 0.50.65Mpa
11. Water supply: industry tap water
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blue or white
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