Sell refrigeration door body 7 working-station Revolving Door Foaming Machine

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This foaming machine is a type of revolving eight working stations equipment. It is mainly used for door foaming of refrigerator. And this machine is also capable for cyclopentane, but the ventilation and extraction system, the protective house and the fire detection system that are all included in this machine supplying list. Furthermore the machine with those advantages are as follows; smaII and compact configuration, being easy to manipulate etc. The dimensions of foaming mould and jigs can be designed and manufactured according to customer's special requirements.
1, outline dimensions of machine (LxWxH) : about (6100W6000W4600) mm (reference)
2, workstations: 7
3, dimensions of mould plate (LxW) : 2000mm x 900mm (can be provided in accordance with customer's special requirements)
4, closing height of fixture: 200mm
5, time of production cycling (not including manual operating time) : 65s
6, foaming material: C5 or F11
7, electric power supply: about 65KW (380V, 50Hz)
This Iine can be designed and made in accordance with customers speciaI requirements of processes
Brand Name
Available Colors
blue or white
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