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Our company specializes in supplying various models of voltage regulators for Delco, Ford, Bosch, Audi, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and BMW and Hyundai. Our products have high quality, competitive price and good after sales service in home and abroad markets.

Here is one kind of voltage regulators we manufacture:

AV-001 Fit for vehicle model:

Transpo D408 (Ace VR-1880)
Delco 1116408 1116428, d675, d699
'B' Circuit, Voltage Set point:14.7V

Transpo D411 (ACR VR-1970)
Delco 1116411,1116429,1116436,1116437, D377, D685, D698
DAV 19009752
'B' Circuit, Voltage Set Point:14.7V