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Remote Duplicator(SH-J1)
Packing 25PCS/BOX
Packaging Parameter 500PCS/CTN
Frequency Customized(303M,315M,390M,433M,433.92M(Hz) , etc. )
Battery Model 27A
Carton Dimension 53.5*22.5*34cm
Voltage 12V
Encoder Model PT2240, EV1527
Customer(any person, even the kids) can use our remote duplicator to copy all the fixing code remote control with chip including PT2240 PT2260 PT2262 EV1527 FP527 AX5326 PT2262 PT2242 HT600 HT680, HT6207 HT6010 HT6012 HT6014 AX5326-4, , SMC5026 SMC5326-3 SMC5326-4 SMC918 SMC918-3 SMC918-4 in the market, by easy operation to avoid missing the original remote control, as there are an Inside micro-computer copy memorizer in our remote duplicator,

You see the remote duplicator have large field to use, it can work with your garage open door, alarm, rolling curtain, barrier gate opener, locksmith, and so on.