Sell resin-based spherical activated carbon

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With the development of middle molecules research, spherical activated carbon with better absorption for middle molecules can be used widely in biology , pharmacy, clinic iatrology, blood imbue, environment protection, gas defense, petroleum chemical engineering and many industry fields.
Our resin-based spherical activated carbons have smooth surface, black and bright blane and better spherical shape. Its size, specific surface area and pore volume can be controlled from 0.45mm to 1.0mm, from 950 to 1200m2/g and from 0.60 to 0.70ml/g, respectively. The intensity of each sphere is averagely 19N.
The adsorption amount of the spheres for benzine is 452mg/g at static state. According to the test method of YY0464-2003 and Q/LAX001-2001.
Our spherical activated carbons have applied patented invention(No.200410064533.2) , and come into being a batch production. The performance can be adjusted according to the various uses of the production. Welcome to hold talks and collaborate exploration