Sell resin for laminated glass

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We are manufacturer and supplier of UV cured resin in China, our resin can be used on making laminated safety glass , such as architecture glass and bullet resistant glass, on the side it can be uesed artistic glass also, To some extent, it could replaces PVB.

The advantage of our resin,

1. Quantity Guarantee
All of the indexes have passed the state's standard A of the Japan (JIS 3211-1985) and the state's standard of the China (GB 9656-88) .

2. Easy to Use
Our UV cured adhesive is liquid, comprising one-component, ready-to-use casting resins for glass lamination. Our resin is Glass-like transmittance, not yellow with age and in excellent safety and security against high impact strength.

3. Cured in sunlight only need 10-20 minutes. (UV=257~365nm, UVA>5mw/cm2)
Indoor, not curing in visible light ( >400 nm) . When UV=257~365nm, UVA>10mw/cm2, the speed of curing is fast with good efficient.