Sell resin offset ink

resin offset ink
Product use
This product is applied to the single color printing and multi-color overlapping. This series of ink are suitable to print schoolbook, calendar, pictorial, brand and paper box on offset paper and coated art paper of medium or low class. This product has excellent adaptability to different types of press and is suitable to velocity of 5000-8000 print per hour.
Product characteristics
As inks with excellent adaptability, this kind of product has high qualities such as vivid color, high curable velocity, high water-resistant quality, fine halftone dot and excellent printabililes.
Application guides
This product can be used directly without any additive. When any other special characteristics are needed, customers can adjust inks with methods followed:
Adjusting fluidity with XPP-021 resin oil
Reducing viscosity with XPP-062 thinner or XPP-043 viscosity reducer
Increasing drying velocity with XPP-427 (0.5-1%) and XPP-404 (1-3%)
Preparing light color ink with XGS-012 XGS-015 or XGS-019 color reducer
Color types
XCP-311 gold red XCP-315 deep red XCP-328 light green XCP-341 white
XCP-312 magenta XCP-324 medium yellow XCP-332 peafowl blue XCP-351 black
XCP-313 scarlet XCP-326 deep blue XCP-333 cyan XCP-316 orange yellow