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We're a regular and ex-crediting
manufacturer of conventional agricultural
implements like cultivators, ploughs
(all types) , reepers, zero till drill,
etc. . etc. . .
We would like to draw your special
attention to our latest Zero Till Drill cum
Fertilizer Drill which incorporates vary
precise seed metering and delivery mechanism.
Starwheel Punch planter which
eleminates traditional furrow making and thus
not only economical on diesel saving it has
very many other striking characteristics,
few of them are as below:

These machines have brandname of 'GUCCI'.
The saliant features of these machines are;

i) Provides very specific spacing
between seeds.
ii) There is no need to remove or
burn anchored or loose residue from the field.
Instead, this successfully sows the seeds with
residue remaining in the field.
iii) There is no need of tilling the
whole field, instead it makes a punch whole
and drops the seeds and fertilizer therein.
iv) Since it can sow in presence of
residue the moisture in the field is retained,
which helps in better germination and there is
a saving in water requirements.
v) Multi-cropping is possible.
vi) Since no continuous furrows are
made Phalaris Minor are completely eliminated
from wheat and the weeds etc. are also
eliminated to large extent.
vii) Since no continues furrows are made
the tractive effort required far more less and
effects a saving of 60% of diesel cost, and
thereby can cover more area in the same time.

We are sure, you in no uncertain terms will
find the above interesting and we will have
the priviledge and honour of your blessings in
promoting and propagating the above items. We
have show you items you are interesting and
let us have your requirements for further
action from our end.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
50 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units.
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
300kg. approx.