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Thermal Rewrite Card/ Visual Card 4th Generation  Mitsubishi Leuco Card
Since 2005, we have been successful in introducing a new kind of card from Japan, Thermal rewrite card/ Visual card. With the operation of thermal printer, the patent rewritable material on PET/PVC card surface can be written, erased, re-written for a minimum of 500 times.
It is an innovative technology which makes information stored inside hidden magnetic stripe or IC chip shown on card surface human visually. All text or graphics are permanent on card surface until erased by thermal print head of printer.
Mitsubishi Leuco Card
It is double side white and could be printed with colors in our factory.
The rewritable area can be re-printed with multi color like black and blue.
Theres no reflection and clear visualization.
It has high visibility and high resolution.
Theres no restriction and flexible pre-printed area.
The thickness could be ultra-thin and standard.
Visualized benefits, Interactive promotion platform, CRM implementation, Induce repeat purchase, Enhance company image.
Prepaid card, bonus point card, appointment/ booking card, security access control card, loyalty/ VIP card, parking card, student ID card, visitor& employee ID card, lucky draw/ game card, gift card, ski pass card, and so on.
Suitable for:
Retail chain store, clubs, hotels, service centre, beauty center, supermarket, food& beverage industry, ski resort and many more.