Sell ribbed belt

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With characters of V beIt and flat belts, Ribbed belt has soft and tough property as flat belt and tight and effective property as V belt.
1. Transmission power so high that at the same condition its 30% higher than common V belts.
2. With tight transmission system, at the same transmission power, its occupied space is 25% smaller than common V belt.
3. Flat and soft belt is suitabIe not onIy for transmission of small pulley but also for high-speed transmission with speed of 40m/s, Besides its characteristics as sIight vibration, few heat diverge and steady working.
4. Anti-heat, anti-oiI, anti-wearing out few elongation and long life.
Ribbed beIt of our company is produced with advanced technology and equipment from abroad, with most raw materials imported from advanced specialized company. The products have now been appraised and rewarded national key new product certificate. Now quaIity has reached same kind abroad.