Sell rice protein concentrate

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We supply Rice Protein concentrate assay from 65%min to 90%min, soluble and insoluble . It is new and great functional food containing 18 sorts of Amino Acid. This product would be most popular in place of Soy protein to be used in food industries.
At present we supply ten types by big quantities as follows:
1, 65%min,75%min,85%min Rice Protein(insoluble; feed grade)
2, 65%min,75%min,85%min Rice Protein( insoluble; food grade)
3, 60%min,70%min,80%min,90%min Rice Protein(soluble, food grade)

1) It contains more albumin, globin and corn protein than other plant
protein source in viewing of nutricious value.
2) higher BV(biologic value) and PER(protein efficiency ratio)
3) low irritability.
4) higher protein content.

1) Appearance: light gray powder without unusual odors
2) Moisture: 8% (max. )
3) Total fat: 10% (max. )
4) Ash: 6% (max. )
5) Protein: 65%-85% (w/w)
6) Fiber: 12% (max. )
7) Particles: 90 mesh

minimum order is 5 tons.

1) 1 ton with plastic tray ; 2) 20kgs in one paper-plastic bag. One 40 feet container: 19-20 tons.