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Graceful outline of the pole and innovation design make all models of lamps apotheosis of new design idea. It is widely used in municipal lighting projects, highway trunk roads and parking lots.
Our products include Road Lamps Series, High Pole Lamps Serie, Garden Lamps Series, Lawn Lamps Series, Flood Light Series and Earth-buried Lamps Series.

1) Optical assembly: IP65
2) The casing anti-corrosion performance: class-II
3) Working environment: -35 .C ~ + 45.C
4) Electroshock resistant protective grade: Grade I
5) Power: 250W ~ 400W
6) power source: 220V (+_ 10%) / 50Hz/60Hz

Structural features:
The lamp body and lamp cover are taken shape by aluminum alloy die casting. They are smooth surface, beautiful curve and high optic performance.
The lamp structure is designed to inner bulb-change structure. Reflector is drawn by high pure aluminum with special CAD.
The lamp and lamp pole employ press plate tight press. It is convenient for installation and. Some products can adjust +_ 30 above and bellow the level in order to use different occasions.
Introduce all stainless steel setscrews.