Sell road scarifier WPG250

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WPG250-8 walk behind scarifier

1. Road planer, cleaning epoxy, thermoplastic coatings, painting and traffic lines.

2. Remove mastics, adhesives and rubberized from road surfaces.

3. Level uneven surfaces and trip hazards.

4. walking as small walk behind scarifier, it can be applied in light milling road surface, surface preparation

Main parameters:
1. Widest working width: 250mm
2. Working depth: 6-8mm
3. Drum Assembly: Changeable
4. Depth control: Adjustable
5. Shafts for cutter drums: 4
6. Working efficiency: 160M2/N
7. Length X Width: Height: 1020 X 670 X 1200 mm
8. Weight: 270Kgs
9. Engine: 20HP (Kohler CH640 / Honda GX620)

Function advantages
1 Designed working width: 250mm
2 Drum with 4 shafts, together with a variety of cutters for choice
3 precise pitch adjustment, the milling depth can be accurately controlled;
4 greater weight, high-powered engines and electromotor, suitable for the large milling projects;
5 cleaning adapter can be linked with the cleaning equipments;
6 Quick-change drum design, the cutter drum can be installed or disassembled in five minutes.
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