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1. Level uneven concrete, asphaltic, epoxy resin road surfaces, and wearable floor surfaces;
2. Clean surface coatings, paints, and various road markings;
3. Clean asphalt humps, ruts and damaged part on road surfaces;
4. Light duty milling, grooving and notching;
5. Construct milled rumble strips in the existing paved shoulders by milling concaved depressions into the shoulder surfaces.

Technical data:

1. Max. Working width: 310mm (12.2in)
2. Working depth: 8-10mm (0.31-0.39in)
3. Drum Assembly: Changeable
4. Depth control: Adjustable
5. Shafts: 6
6. Area coverage max: 200sqm/h (2153sqft/h)
7. Dimension: 1135x1410x1020mm (44.7x55.5x40.2in)
8. Packaging size: 1460x1150x1380mm (57.5x45.3x54.3in)
9. Weight: 460kg (1014lbs)
10. Fuel: Gasoline
11. Performance: 26kW (35hp)

Sample Availability: Yes
Supplier Product Code: WPG350
Delivery Terms: FOB/CIF
Delivery Lead Time: 30 days

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