Sell road studs

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7 Almost indestructible, made from high impact engineering plastic with compression resistance over 16 tons
7 Large footprint gives maximum surface area for adhesion. This also makes it less prone to sinking during hot weather
7 Will withstand the most arduous traffic conditions and be durable
7 With good character of reflectivity equal to the intensity of diamond grade
7 Resistant to corrosive effects of salt and grit
7 Suitable for centre and edge line demarcation
7 Approved by the Department of Transport for use on all types of roads
7 Complies with JT/T 390 ----1999 of China

7 Round design creates good appearance while relieving the impaction from traffic load so as to be durable
7 Combined size complying with the size of round post and saponaceous appearance, it can be installed at the top of round post at the cross, and make the cross clearer at night
7 Two reinforced veins are designed inside to strengthen compression resistance
7 Solar panel, electronics and optics are fitted inside waterproof and unbreakable
7 According to requirement the number of LED can be single light, double lights and three lights in one side, as well single light, double lights and three lights in both sides
7 Two screw holes are designed on both sides so as to be fitted steadily with screws in road or round post
7 Epoxy glue is filled in the shell. Easy, simple and steady to install like a standard road stud with two screws or glue, both in road and in round post
7 Suitable for edge line of road