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RBZX32 is a band-new series of robot vacuum cleaner promoted by Rob Live-In Industry Co. LTD. in 2006. This series of cleaner is equipped with automatic radar navigation system, which makes sure to plan the route automatically and keep away from all kinds of obstacles. Additionally it has automatic distance survey system, and the detective range is 3cm; Or it has infrared ray navigation system. The function of on-going monitoring of power can initiate charging program and guide it to the recharging dock when electricity falls short. With these systems, RBZX320 has six automatic functions of charging, keeping away from obstacles, cleaning, vacuuming, sterilization and image transmission.
Featured with the streamline dish shape , the size of RBZX32 series is elaborately designed within 320W100mm, which allows it to perform cleaning task under furniture, especially the dead angle of corners, hard surfaces. Its more excellent and smarter than ordinary cleaner. Its equipped with ultrasound, infrared ray sensor and high-quality motor. Scientific structure ensures its full floor cleaning ability. It carries out linear cleaning in a widen space; whilst in a poky space, it cleans in a vehicular way. LBZX32 series is designed with great concern on safety. It will stop running once lifted off the ground. Recharging dock will remain unharmful even under short-circuit condition.
LBZX32 series robot vacuum cleaner has little noise, which usually greatly sent out by the ordinary vacuum cleaner. It can cross any barriers within 20mm, such as electric wire, pad and so on. In addition, it can work automatically and totally does not need person to take care of. .
RBZX3201A(The Economy Type) :
1. HAPE filtrated, dually clean the air
2. It can make the air fragrant
3. With Radar navigation system, it can look-over the surroundings automatically
4. It can keep away from all kinds of obstacles
5. The function of automatic monitor of power can initiate charging program and guide it to the recharging dock. The time of charging is 4 hours.
6. Double cleaning design: brush cleaning and vacuum cleaning
7. With intelligence electrical system, it charges effectively.
8. User friendly security system enables the cleaner to keep away from dangerous areas or pause working when necessary.
9. With side brush, it can clean the corner efficiently
10. High efficient calculation mode, works efficiently.
11. Be controlled by infrared rays
12. . With a small volume and a thin thickness, it could get into the place where mop and broom can't reach, such as the place below bed and sofa and so on.

RBZX3202A(The Luxurious Type) : Based on the Economy Type , it adds more functions :
1. It has LCD screen to show the menu
2. It has the unique function of sterilization by ultraviolet and ozone radiation.
3. Its recharge time is reduced to 2 hours.
4. Be controlled wirelessly

RBXW3601(The Network Type) : Based on the Luxurious Type, it adds more functions:
1. Having all functions of RBZX3202A
2. Image transition, picture recognition, long-distance monitoring and voice transition by network.