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Metal panel insulated with rock wool for roofs and walls which require a high degree of resistance to fire . The HKF-RW panel is constituted by two sheets with inter posed layer of orientated fibre high density rock wool, arranged perpendiculary to the plane of the panel and positioned in strips , laid longitudinally with offset joints and transversally compacted, completely filling the space between the two supports.
Resistance to fire
Rook wool is non-combustible material, so the rock wool panel has good fire-resisting property . the test shows temperature of the panel fire-proof is as high as 1000C, the test results obtained by Istituto Giordano S. P. A is as follow:
Roof and Wall panel thickness 100 REI 120
Roof and Wall panel thickness 80 REI 60
Roof and Wall panel thickness 50 REI 30
The roof and wall panels, thickness 50-80-100mm, were classified 0/1 for reaction to fire. (Materials are assigned a class from 0 to 5, the higher the class, the higher degree of combustion. )
Effective Characteristic of Sound Resistant
Rock wool panel achieves a notable reduction in air borne sound transfer, particularly when specifying a perforated liner. The impact of rai and hail on the metal sheet , a problem on most standard constructions , is greatly reduced when adopting HKF-RW panel in thicknesses of 50-100mm with 100kg/m3 rock wool fibre insulation has achieved results of RW=29-30 dB according to UNI 8270/7 and 717/82.
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