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Rock Wool
Noncombustibility A1 GB Testing

Rock wool Board
Density 70K-200K
Thickness 50mm-100mm

Rock wool Blanket
Density 60K-100K
Length 3000-5000mm

1. The Whole sealed package
2. Heat contracted package

Technical Index
Conductivity Coe<7 um
Non-combustibility A1(nonflaming)
Water absorprio <=2%
Water repellent rate 98%
Content of organic matter <=4%
Compressive strength >=40Kpa
Corrosion resistance Nice chemical stability

The field of usage
Our product is widely used for the heat insulation and sound absorption and heat preservation of pipes in building field Our main market is in Europe, Midle East, Southern Asia, Northen America, and other areas in the world.