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rolling door operator is designed to suit most types of residential rolling garage doors equipped with balance spring settings. It may be fitted to either single or double width doors up to 3 meters high and 5. 5 wide. It offers convenience, safety and security for your garage door.
*Remote Control: Two remote transmitters equipped for operation from distance up to 30-50 meters.
*Automatic Reversing System: ensures the door returns to an open position when it meets with an obstruction while in closing mode.
*Courtesy Light: lights automatically when door is in use. The light will stay on for approximately 3 minutes then turns off automatically.
*Easy Manual Disengagement Pull Cord: just pull on cord once to disengage operator for manual operation in case of power failure.
*Auto Close Mode: set your garage door to automatically close 30 seconds after opening. An infrared beam must be installed if this mode is selected.
*Safety Infrared Beam: can be fitted to the unit for extra safety protection. Must be fitted for autoclose mode to function.
*Open and Close Buttons: built in the unit to help you set the open and close limit positions more quicker and precise.
*Auto Run Time: if the motor is left running in the operator for any reason, the Auto Run Time will turn the motor off after 60 seconds.